Whether you’re hiking a mountain, serving your country, or enjoying thrill-seeking adventure of another sort in the cold, your feet are always vulnerable to succumbing to the cold weather, causing frostbite and a slew of other problems that could devastate your trip and entire life. Rather than taking such a risk, protecting your feet from the start is important.

There are several ways to protect your feet when in extreme cold weather conditions. The first step in foot protection is realizing the dangers that can occur if you are not careful.  The next step is the purchase of extreme cold weather socks. These special socks go to work when you need them the most, keeping your feet warm and free from the harsh elements that threaten them.

The special socks are made to wear with boots and are composed of a two-layer sock. The inner sock layer is used to keep moisture away from your foot. The outer layer is available in two weights, the All-Weather and the Extreme Weather. The AW model is capable of handling temperatures from 0 to 100 degrees F, while the Extreme Weather socks are capable of temperatures from -40 to 0 degrees, and 100 degrees to 120 degrees.

These socks work in several ways to protect the feet. First, they keep moisture away from the feet. Second, they protect the feet from cold weather conditions and other weather elements such as snow and rain. Third, they work to prevent chafing, minimize the pressure points, and reduce blistering. Finally, the socks promote cooling action of the feet.

When you will be in extreme cold weather conditions, put your feet first and provide the ultimate protection needed to stay safe and protected while you are out there. These socks make doing so easy.